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Teaching Practice

The importance of
Teaching Practice

Your own  experience as a teacher is essential  in the training of professional skills. In Teaching Practice, you learn by doing . Teaching practice gives you a deeper understanding of the theoretical knowledge that you learned in ITELS classes.

Teaching Practice year 1 – 4
There is teaching practice in every year. In your first year , you start with an orientation on (international) education and on what the role of the teacher means to you. Every year,  your tasks at schools become a little bigger and more complex ,and you get more responsibilities. At the end of every year,  you show that your competences as a teacher have grown by what you have learned in teaching practice and in the rest of the ITELS programme.

Teaching Practice across the world
In their first year, most Dutch students will do their Teaching Practice at international or bilingual schools in the Netherlands. International students may also have their first year Teaching Practice abroad, if that is convenient. In the third year, and often in the second and/or the fourth year, the student does Teaching Practice at an international school outside the Netherlands.  There is a minimum of one period of teaching practice abroad.