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How to become an international teacher

The programme is designed to help students to acquire and develop the eight professional competences that make up the key elements of being a competent teacher at an international school. Every year, students show that they have reached a new level in these competences and in the related knowledge, skills and attitude.

The four year programme offers an integrated approach to academic, professional and personal development in which practical experience in teaching is combined with the study of theoretical concepts and research activities that are relevant for the teaching profession .

The learning environment is international. There are mixed groups of students with different national and cultural backgrounds. Teaching practice takes the student abroad. Every student studies at a partner university abroad for at least one semester. The programme and the lecturers make sure that the learning process profits from the international learning environment.

  • Educational studies: year 1 -4
  • Subject knowledge and didactics of school subjects that the student will teach: year 1 – 4
  • Teaching practice at international or bilingual schools: year (1) – 4
  • Democratic citizenship: year 1
  • English language: year 1
  • Research: year 2 – 3
  • Semester (6 months) at partner university: year (2 or) 3
  • Bachelor thesis: year 4

In September 2017 ITELS starts with three subjects in the Netherlands: Mathematics, History and German.

In the following years a wider choice of subjects will be offered in Denmark and the Netherlands.


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