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The ITELS programme prepares you to become a teacher in one or more school subjects. The number of subjects differs in the Netherlands and in Denmark. See the websites of the Dutch and Danish universities for more information. The subjects of Mathematics, History and German will be available in the Netherlands from September 2017.


There is a huge demand for mathematics teachers at international schools. They are needed to help young people develop their skills of logical problem solving and they will educate the many scientists and mathematicians that will be needed in the future. As an international mathematics teacher you make the school subject mathematics fun and show its relevance for young people all over the world.

ITELS helps you to become a good mathematician, a fine teacher and a source of inspiration.

 Is ITELS Mathematics the right choice for you?

Understanding complicated formulas, the clever use of statistics, the clarity of Pythagorean theorem: this is what turns you on? Do you like talking about different mathematical subjects and explaining them in a simple way to others. Then ITELS Mathematics is definitely something for you. As a math teacher at an international school, you will often use multimedia instruments to bring the worlds of mathematics into your classroom.



Ancient history, world history, war and peace, historical research and methods, the didactics of teaching history. These are just some of the subjects you’ll encounter when studying History at ITELS. You’ll contribute to making young people aware of their surroundings and the way these came to exist. Your teaching will enhance their understanding of what drives societies, past and present. It will enable them to think critically about created, historical myths.

 Is the ITELS history the right choice for you?

Are you passionate about the past, do you enjoy reading books on various historical topics and never miss a documentary on your favourite subject? Would you like to teach young people all about history and awaken their enthusiasm for it? Then teaching history is perfect for you!



Many international schools need experts in the German language. For young people who grow up in an international environment, it is an advantage to speak various languages.

As a future teacher you will learn to meet the challenge of making learners across the world aware of the importance and appeal of German language and culture. You will discover attractive ways to help young people develop their language skills.

Is the ITELS German the right choice for you?

If you like the German language and you like to work with young people from different cultural backgrounds, you are the ideal student for ITELS.

Wouldn’t it be nice to speak the language fluently and to experience the German-speaking countries not only as a tourist. Preparing lessons and seeing how pupils enjoy the tasks, finding interesting classroom materials on the internet, organizing an excursion to a German-speaking country: these are just a few of the things you will do as a teacher of German.